Blog: Staying Safe in the Sun

Organic self tanners are the least risky way to get that bronzed appearance but what about when our activities are outdoors in the sun?

Is there really no such thing as safe tanning?

It’s true. There is no such thing. There are risks involved with intentional prolonged sun exposure for tanning. However, we know that ’tis the season for fun in the sun, and with it being National UV Safety Month, let’s talk about “safer” sun exposure, shall we?

First, sun exposure is vital for our bodies to thrive. Not all sun exposure will be the same. You’ll want to choose your time outside wisely. The angle of the sun and time of day should also be considered. UV rays are the strongest and most dangerous between noon and 3pm. When planning activities, especially for travel, keep in mind that the sun’s rays are stronger at higher altitudes.

As a group of doctors and aesthicians, we have a strong commitment to helping you protect your skin in the sun and have an amazing selection of sunscreens that we have researched and tested out on ourselves. Since it should be applied and worn daily, it is important to find the one that suits your needs best. From sticks, to lotions, to compact powders, we offer something for everyone.

In fact, our newest one matches the tone of most skin types and works as a primer under makeup. Sunscreen has come a long way and no longer has to be thick, oily or clog your pores.

We are offering 20% off of our sunscreen collection for the month of July. We’d love the opportunity to work with you in finding the best fit for your lifestyle.

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