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Experience our Vitamin Bar in both our Asheville and Hendersonville branches of Harpe Laser & Wellness and enjoy enhanced wellness of the body and mind. We offer a wide variety of therapeutic vitamin injections selected for efficacy based on peer-reviewed research. Appropriate levels of vitamins are essential to supporting optimal health and wellbeing and enhance the effectiveness of our treatments.

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What are Therapeutic Vitamin Injections?

Vitamin therapy is a vital part of the holistic health protocols provided at Harpe Laser & Wellness. Vitamin injection therapy efficiently replenishes depleted nutrients in the body, resolving symptoms of vitamin deficiencies in simple, no-downtime treatments.

With our meticulously formulated vitamin blends, our vitamin injections can provide you what you need to function at your best. Vitamin Bar patients can choose from specialized treatments that can enhance wellbeing by supporting specific physiological bodily processes.

Some of the most popular vitamin blends are those that boost the immune system, increase energy levels, promote healing and collagen production, and improve athletic performance and brain health.

Am I a Candidate for Vitamin Injection Therapy?

Vitamin injection therapy is a safe, effective treatment option for resolving a wide array of physical conditions and symptoms that prevent us from living our best lives. A pre-treatment consultation with one of the wellness experts at Harpe Laser & Wellness ensures that you receive the optimal vitamin treatment for achieving your desired outcome.

Vitamin Injections vs. Oral Vitamins

Oral vitamins and vitamin injections are both valuable tools we offer for supporting overall health. However, because oral vitamins must be processed through the digestive system before they reach the bloodstream, their on-demand therapeutic effects are somewhat limited.

With vitamin injections, we bypass the digestive tract altogether and go straight through muscle into the bloodstream. This allows for a much higher percentage of concentrated nutrients to survive and quickly reach your blood, giving your body a more immediate supplementation.

A combination of injections and oral vitamins is recommended and provided through our offices. Schedule a consultation with one of our experts to find out what kind of a plan may be appropriate for you and your body.

Benefits of Injectable Vitamin Therapy

Intermuscular Vitamin therapy is a powerful addition to your health and wellness regimen. Some of the many perks of Injectable vitamin therapy include:

  • Convenient no-downtime treatment – Vitamin injections are quick and you can get back to your normal routine after your treatment with no recovery time needed.
  • Comfortable dosage – Some vitamins, when taken orally in higher doses, can cause nausea or other types of digestive discomfort. Intermuscular vitamin therapy can deliver a high dose of nutrients without the side effects that can occur when taking vitamins through the mouth.
  • Maximize HLW Treatment Results – Prime your body to be in top physiological shape to get the absolute most out of any of our beauty and wellness treatments at our spas. Skin and hair health depend on elastin and collagen formation, which can be elevated with vitamins like our B-Complex and Alpha Lipoic Acid injections, among others. Weight loss is also very important to general health, so we provide our MIC cocktail and other supplements that work to help your body burn and better use fat from our diet. These complement our nutrition and Physiq programs very well.

Schedule a Vitamin Injection Treatment Today

Once you experience the incredible effects of our vitamin injection therapy, you’ll understand why so many of our patients are regulars at our Vitamin Bar in Asheville. Contact our office today to schedule a revitalizing vitamin treatment with one of our holistic health experts.

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