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Restore Your Core Commitment with our Core Health Bootcamp

Core Health Bootcamp is a 10 week program consisting of a combination of Body Contouring Treatments, Nutrition Coaching and Vitamin Shots to help support fat loss, and improve energy, vitality and overall health. This combination of services was designed to holistically address various areas that can make it difficult to reach our goals when it comes to unwanted fat.

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There are three components to the program that help strengthen your resolve for success!

The body contouring and toning will treat stubborn areas of fat that are difficult to address with diet alone. These problem areas include the lower abdominal “bulge” that is so difficult to resolve, flanks, upper arm and more. The Physiq Body Contouring uses STEP technology to both heat tissue and treat fat cells and the EMS will stimulate underlying muscle for improved tone and strength.

Nutrition coaching gives you accountability and education to maximize your results and make them sustainable.

The Vitamin Shots will help support your fat metabolism, boost energy and help you feel great.

The 10 week program Consists of:

  • 6 Physiq Body Contouring Sessions (either 1 area or 2)
  • 5  individualized Nutrition Coaching Sessions (either in person or virtual). Includes 5 sessions spaced 2 weeks apart.
  • MIC Vitamin Shots

Physiq only – $3000 for 1 or 2 Body Contour Area

Add on:  Nutrition Coaching -$500  and MIC Vitamin Shots – $30/each

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