Our Team

Charles Harpe


“I am human before I am a doctor. I believe in what I do. It’s how I take care of myself. I believe in you. My work is about augmenting your own internal power.”

Dr. Harpe received his medical degree from the University of Miami, School of Medicine and completed residency in internal medicine at LDS Hospital in Salt Lake City, UT. Having practiced internal medicine for over two decades, he served in numerous medical leadership roles including the Board of Directors for the Utah Partnership for Healthy Weight (a non-profit public policy initiative) and the Davis County Health Board.

Over ten years ago, after accumulating 55 pounds of excess body fat, Dr. Harpe made some major changes to his diet and his lifestyle. This was when the Naturvore way of healthy living first took shape. It profoundly impacted all aspects of his personal and professional life. Since then, Dr. Harpe has accumulated vast experience in health matters and his passion for fitness provides credibility above and beyond his medical certifications. He enjoys empowering people to improve their health, no matter their limitations or medical diagnoses.

When he’s not working, Dr. Harpe likes to run, weight train and embark on outdoor adventures–such as free diving. He makes self-improvement a hobby in that he believes it is good to consistently improve one’s skills for life.

Claudia Harpe


“Whether it’s wellness or aesthetics, it brings me joy to see how empowered and happy our clients are with their results.” 

Claudia is a lifestyle and Wellness Occupational Therapist and Certified Nutrition Therapy Practitioner specializing in obesity and chronic disease. She received her education at Florida International University with a BS in Biology and a Masters in Occupational Therapy.

Claudia believes in the power of real food in healing our bodies and improving our health. She is also a founding member of the Real Food Foundation.

In her free time, Claudia enjoys outdoor photography, pilates, yoga, and hiking.