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Weight loss is extremely desirable for most people, but one’s weight should not be the focus in achieving health; that is narrow-minded and prone to create additional problems. Weight management must be part of a comprehensive approach to health.

I recommend finding a physician who understands weight in a holistic way, one who also understands you and the barriers you face in sustaining your most optimal weight.

Sustaining a healthy weight requires a bit of skill. People tend to gain weight in America not because they are victims (although it may seem that way), but because they lack the skills necessary to counteract the super-sized, toxic American culture corrupting their life energy. Furthermore, the excess weight itself further unravels our natural disposition for health, preventing us from becoming our best.

Carrying excess weight is not simply an aesthetic issue. Excess weight creates its own stress in life and changes our genetic fates/outcome. Being overweight causes or portends:

  • brain failure with dementia and strokes
  • cancer
  • heart disease, heart failure, vascular disorders and blood clots
  • metabolic derangements including diabetes, vitamin deficiencies
  • disabling arthritic conditions such as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid
  • hormone imbalances including loss of energy and sexual impotency
  • high blood pressure
  • kidney failure and dialysis
  • autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis, lupus
  • sensory loss and blindness
  • liver failure and liver transplant
  • the syndrome of multi-organ failure (becoming increasingly common in America)
  • a negative psyche, less self-esteem, anxiety, insecurity, dependence
  • loss of income and less favorable financial circumstances

Now, is the time for weight loss and we can help you with a sensible plan!

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