Blog: Take it Off!: The Top Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

Unwanted hair, no matter where it’s located, is a problem many people face every day. Those hairs seem innocent enough, but they often cause problems with confidence and inconvenience.

That’s why people are turning towards laser hair removal more and more every day. If you’ve never had the treatment before, it’s often a little overwhelming. You might wonder if it’s worth the trouble or does it help?

Well, let the benefits of laser hair removal speak for themselves. Keep reading to learn more about them!

Save Money

Laser hair removal is often thought of as a luxury, something that your everyday person wouldn’t want to bother with. The fact is that these treatments are affordable and even end up saving you money in the long run.

Think of it more like an investment. The first initial payout may be more expensive than buying a pack of razors and shaving cream. But as the long-term effects of these treatments work on your hair follicles, you’ll need fewer treatments and no shaving gear at all.

Instead of purchasing these things year after year, the laser treatment works its magic over time. Sooner or later, you’ll have no need for shaving gear, and you’ll end up saving both time and money along the way.

This kind of hair treatment pays for itself once you’ve stuck with it long enough.

Eliminate Ingrown Hairs

One of the side effects of more traditional hair removing techniques is the problem of ingrown hairs. These annoying bumps are when the hairs grow the wrong way and, instead of making their way up, they grow under the skin instead.

These bumps often leave the skin irritated or even painful to the touch. Plus, it ruins that smooth and clear complexion we all crave.

With this hair treatment, you’re not uprooting the hair, cutting it short, or disturbing it in any way. Instead, the laser damages the follicle without getting in the way.

As the hair grows back at its newer and slower pace, the path through the skin isn’t blocked or changed by the treatment. This leaves the hair free reign to grow back how it needs to without getting caught under the skin.

Precise Removal Anywhere You Choose

These treatments aren’t only meant for the wide and flat areas of the body. The removal happens anywhere you want.

Facial hair works as well as leg hair, for example. Even the smallest of places are candidates for the hair removal treatment.

It doesn’t matter the type of hair, either. Whether it’s thick and coarse or thin and fair, the laser has the capability to work on anything.

Some machines have trouble differentiating dark hair against darker skin tones. When making your appointment, be sure to ask the technician about this. It’ll save you some trouble along the way.

Undamaged Skin

Sometimes first-timers fear that the laser will end up damaging their skin during the procedure. This is not a problem at all. In fact, your skin has more of a chance to become damaged through waxing or shaving than through these treatments.

We’ve all had to deal with nicked skin after shaving, after all. With laser hair removal, you won’t have that problem ever again.

The main thing to be on the lookout for is sunburns. Keep from developing a new tan or a sunburn right before your next removal treatment.

The damaged skin doesn’t react well to the machine’s laser and you’ll need to wait at least an extra week or two before the procedure happens.

Quick Procedure

Most people who go in for their first laser hair removal session come out surprised at how quick it finished. The length of the treatment depends a lot on the chosen area and the type of hair, but most patients are in and out with no problem at all.

The machine works through a large coin-sized area in only a second or two before moving on to the next area. Smaller areas like the upper lip or the eyebrows finish in only a handful of minutes.

Never Shave Again

With every treatment, you’ll find that your hair grows back slower and finer than before. At some point, your hair stops growing back at all.

The amount of treatments for this to happen differs from one person to the next. But even while you wait for the next treatment, the smaller and thinner hairs are more manageable. You won’t even notice them enough to realize it’s time to shave.

And better yet? You won’t need to shave in order to have your treatments. Pop into the office however you’d like, and you’ll be ready to go.

Strengthen Self Confidence

There’s something gratifying and luxurious about having all traces of unwanted hair gone from our bodies. After your hair removal treatment, you might find an extra lift to your step as you exit the office.

We all want to have complete control over the way we look. With laser hair removal, this is an easy thing to achieve.

Worry no longer about hair in places you don’t want it. Don’t spend hours of your precious free time in the bathroom trying to shave or wax.

Instead, relish in the fact that the hair is gone and you don’t need to think about it anymore.

Let The Benefits of Laser Hair Removal Make Your Life a Little Easier

Shaving is as much a part of our routines, but it’s often one most of us would prefer to skip every single day. The benefits of laser hair removal are topped by the fact we don’t need to worry about the state of our hair when its time to go swimming. That annoying bit of facial hair we hate is no longer a problem.

It boosts our confidence and makes things easier when hair care is no longer a day-by-day chore. So go on and see what it’s all about. You won’t regret it.

Feel ready for your first treatment? Check out more information about the available procedures!

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