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Laser Hair Removal

Finally, affordable laser hair removal that you can feel good about

Laser Hair Removal Services in Asheville, NCWe make service quality a priority.  Your experience with Dr. Harpe includes:

  • Initial Medical Consultation With Dr. Charles Harpe
  • Thorough Education on Pre and Post Treatment Guidelines
  • Certified and Experienced Laser Technicians
  • Best in Industry Gentle Max Pro Lasers (effective for all skin types)
  • Beautiful Spa Environment
  • Safety, Comfort, Privacy and Satisfaction are our top priorities!

Laser Hair Removal is a real game changer!

For most of us, shaving unwanted body hair is a real drain on time and money.  We also know that living with unwanted hair can be annoying. Plucking, shaving, waxing and bleaching can all be an uncomfortable nuisance, adding up to considerable cost with no lasting or consistent results.  At Harpe Laser + Wellness, we provide our patients with a safe, effective and lasting alternative for hair removal – laser hair removal.

Effectiveness and Safety With The Gentle Max Pro

Laser Hair Removal

Our Gentle Max Pro lasers provide a safe treatment for all skin types with speed, comfort and efficiency.  Unlike most offices, we offer two different lasers that safely and effectively treat all skin tones.  We also use a patented dynamic cooling device, which provides a burst of chilled air just before the laser pulse.  This not only makes treatment more comfortable for you, but also protects the skin surface.  No cooling system is safer or provides a more comfortable treatment.  It’s no wonder the lasers we use have been evaluated as the “Gold Standard” for hair removal in the industry!

Certified Laser Professionals

Prior to all Laser Hair Removal Treatments, Dr. Harpe reviews your medical history and performs a skin assessment to determine if Laser Hair Removal is the right treatment for you.  Treatments, supervised by Dr. Harpe, are provided by our highly trained Certified Laser Professionals. Your safety, comfort and privacy are always our top priority.

Simplify Your Daily Routine and Save Time and Money

Razors and waxing can add up to thousands of dollars over the course of a lifetime.  An average woman will spend between 59 and 72 days of their lives removing unwanted hair that inevitably grows back within hours. This statistic is specifically calculated for women who spend only 4 minutes a day shaving, so think about those of us that spend much longer–like 10 minutes per day.

Cost is a large factor as well. It is estimated that women spend roughly $15.87 per month on disposable razors. Most women also remove unwanted hair for an average of 53.6 years, adding up to a lifetime investment of over $10,000. For those ladies that prefer to wax instead of shave, the cost was much higher with an average of $23,000 on hair removal over a lifetime. Waxing also causes ingrown hairs that may become susceptible to infection or even MRSA.


Additional Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

Ingrown Hair and Folliculitis

Ingrown hair and folliculitis can become a chronic source of pain and aggravation. Laser Hair Removal is an ideal solution for Beard Bumps, Bikini Bumps and Razor Rash in any part of the body where shaving is causing this type of irritation.

Freedom For an Active Lifestyle

There are many benefits of laser hair removal.  For some, it is a way to rid themselves of embarrassing hair once and for all.  For others, it fits perfectly into their busy lifestyles saving them precious time and money.  For athletes, it may provide a competitive edge or simply a more comfortable experience.  Body builders may enjoy the appeal and aesthetics of smooth, slick skin without any skin irritation.  For most of  us, laser hair removal is simply a great convenience, one that allows us to always be prepared for any occasion.

Before you begin researching laser hair removal Asheville, remember that the best resource for facts is an experienced professional. Blogs and websites are great to give you an idea of what the treatment is like but if you want real facts, if you are curious whether you are an ideal candidate or not or have any other questions about laser hair removal near me, then you need to speak with a doctor.

Laser Hair Removal Asheville

  • Elite laser hair removal near me: stop relying on stuff you find on the shelves at a grocery store. The average person spends thousands of dollars and countless hours to treat annoying, hairy areas. You can eliminate all that wasted time and money with just a few sessions.
  • Safe results: Every system, product or piece of equipment we use has been clinically tested to ensure that you get safe results that last. Before you begin, we will examine your medical history and conduct a skin assessment to determine if this is a quality option for you or not.
  • Other services: Beyond our hair removal laser Asheville options, you can check out plenty of other services we offer that will have you looking and feeling years younger. These include skin tightening, Kybella to eliminate double chin issues, dark spot removal, Botox, weight loss programs and more.

Visit Dr. Harpe

When you want hair removal laser Asheville services, Dr. Harpe and his team are where you need to go. Not only do they bring years of experience working with this equipment but they understand what it takes to get safe and effective results that last. If you are curious to learn more as well as see what else we can do for you to have you looking and feeling your best, call us today to schedule an appointment.


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