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As of 2012, the CDC projects that approximately 70% of all deaths in the United States are due to preventable chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, cancer and diabetes.

The tide of chronic disease in modern America may seem daunting to control, but in reality the solution is quite simple. Reversing disease and achieving a true state of health begins with better nutrition, increasing physical activity, and avoiding toxins in our environment. Each and every one of us can exert serious power over his/her health by making excellent choices of food and activities.

We rarely think of our meal as immediately impacting our health, but in reality our food tends to either improve us or destroy us. It is a misconception (although convenient to entertain) that food can be neutral. In the biological world, the things we eat and activities we perform either build us up or tear us down. As I explain in great detail in the book Naturvore Power, unhealthy meals promptly lead to corrupted cells and a corrupted mind, then with time we suffer chronic disease, multi-organ failure and/or premature death. This is unnecessary and I am prepared to explain. –Charles Harpe, MD

I get people to take their health more seriously because I tell them the truth!

Misinformation as to what is “truly healthy” abounds. We are generally misled, coaxed and coerced into consuming manufactured foods, then proceed to consume manufactured medications and medical care – all the while disease, organ failure and disability progress. I tell people to not over-think what to eat or their solutions for disease. Healthy living is natural and intuitive, so much so that even the animals do it. I keep things simple and practical.

Goals are important. They should be sensible and potent such as: “reduce your medications and thereby enjoy a pay raise.” How about: “look better, feel better, lose weight, stress less and improve brain function?” Goals such as these imply improved function in our daily lives, which are infinitely better than searching for more medical care or better lab numbers. People can achieve a better quality of life at any age by making some easy changes. My patients usually realize such drastic improvements in their condition so quickly that there is a potent self-rewarding, self-reinforcing experience. Start Now!

old coupleTaking ownership over your health changes everything for the better.

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