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Don’t Let Pain Limit Your Activities

Do you have pain that is gnawing at you in such a way that it disrupts your life and limits your activities? Perhaps you just need a second opinion or some reassurance that there is nothing seriously wrong – this is where Dr. Harpe can help. Often within the first visit he can determine the nature of your pain and begin to address it. Dr. Harpe has developed a system utilizing various modalities to treat and release even persistent and ingrained Neuromuscular Pain Syndromes. His hands-on technique has been shown to be highly effective, even for clients that present with long standing chronic pain.

Dr. Harpe’s Neuromuscular Pressure Treatments relieve pain at the source and provide an effective alternative to dangerous prescription medications. Most people leave his office ready to get back into the game.

If needed, he can also perform point injections to promptly decrease inflammation of the affected site.

*Please note that individual results may vary

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