Blog: Naturvore Intervention Workshop

Naturvore Power Disease Intervention Workshops, at Bullington Gardens.

March 29, 2014 – Learn how to reduce your exposure and dependence on industrial medical therapies.

This workshop is an all-day retreat that is sure to improve your health, serenity and even financial security. Three local health professionals including Dr. Harpe will walk you through the Naturvore way with presentations and fun activities. This day will deliver a proven method to take charge of your health and reduce your exposure to medical therapies. We believe you will save money in the long-run because you can minimize current and future medical care. The day will include indoor and outdoor sessions designed to put Naturvore principles into action in your every day life. Interact with Dr Harpe and discover your real health potential. Your mind and body will appreciate it. Lunch and snacks will be provided. Request more information and register at 828-702-1325. Cost is $300 per person or $500 per couple. Senior discount $50.

This Naturvore Intervention Workshop is a wellness program intended to educate and motivate its participants to make life changes that will transform their health. Activities will include lecture and discussion of Naturvore Principles, food preparation and balancing, navigating the grocery store and restaurants, life balance and time management,movement education and exercise participation. As a participant, you are responsible for knowing and observing your personal limitations and restrictions from a dietary and physical perspective. The presenters are professionals in their field, but are not held responsible for your personal medical conditions or reactions to activities or food consumption. Please come with a means to stay hydrated, comfortable clothing, a notebook for notes and any medications or assistive devices needed. The presenters also request that you save your phone and email correspondence for scheduled break times, so as not to interrupt the group. Your registration for the Naturvore Intervention Workshop includes:

  • 8 full hours of interactive, applicable, leading edge material benefiting your mind, spirit and body with an Internal Medicine Doctor, Occupational Therapist, and Yoga/Wellness Instructor.
  • A copy of Naturvore Power, written by presenter Charles Harpe, MD
  • A full length DVD, Yoga for Confidence, instructed by presenter Emily Van Eman, CYT, CPT
  • Multiple handouts and guides following the topics discussed for your home use and longterm application
  • A nutritionally balanced lunch and available snacks
  • A guided tour of local grocery store to discuss food selection
  • 1 month of email coaching to optimize your success

This is a powerful journey into your health and your outlook toward it. A positive and inquisitive mind will make it more meaningful to all involved. We look forward to sharing the day with you!

Bullington Gardens
95 Upper Red Oak Trail
Check in is at 8:00am, concluding at 5:30 at the Ingles on:
Hendersonville NC 28792
3643 Howard Gap Rd. (at Hwy 64)

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