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How is it that many of us end up weighing a lot more than we ever intended to? Dr. Harpe believes that we tend to lose our Intrinsic Power over our weight and health because we are heavily influenced by the Food and Medical Industries. His experience has shown that:

  • Manufactured foods are addictive and therefore we consume more food than we need to and consume the unhealthiest foods.
  • Manufactured foods are cheap, abundant and the advertisements for them are effective at increasing consumption. This has resulted in an epidemic of obesity.
  • The medical industry leads us to believe that optimal health is complex and intricately related to disease management. A natural, lean body mass is all but forgotten.
  • Boutique hormone clinics (some promoting bio-identical hormones) make people believe that they lack expensive hormone therapies and this is why they cannot reach a desired weight.

A Doctor that Understands

As an internal medicine doctor, Dr. Harpe is on the front lines of the obesity epidemic and wants to reduce the pain and suffering he sees in his patients on a daily basis. He understands the struggles associated with obesity and knows how difficult it is to lose weight and to keep it off, for he struggled himself with weight gain in his middle age. He can identify with the addictive qualities of processed foods and with the traps and misconceptions that make it difficult to make truly healthy food choices.

weight lossYou Have the Power to Lose Weight and Feel Great

Dr. Harpe and his specialized team will show you how to lose weight and keep it off with the Naturvore eating plan, which is tailored to you. Our clients learn to choose their weight through natural means. It is that simple.

There is no magic to weight management. Eating a balanced diet of whole, natural foods and performing the right amount of exercise is key. Very lucrative hormone therapy seems to be the newest fad in health and weight loss, but it makes the person dependent on a costly program–often not addressing real lifestyle change. Why not use the hormones you have most efficiently? Our clients have demonstrated great success through the Naturvore plan without fad diets or expensive hormones.

Coaching for Weight Loss and Optimal Health

We show you how to lose weight and keep it off with the Naturvore eating plan. You will feel great, optimize your health, reverse disease, increase vitality and function– all through a simple, balanced, natural, highly nutritious eating plan that is easy to implement and maintain for life. The Naturvore diet plan is low on the glycemic index to decrease insulin spikes and inflammation, high in nutrients and phytonutrients to heal your body and prevent disease, high in quality protein to maintain optimal tissues and muscle mass and is rich in beneficial fats such as those found in olive oil, nuts, seeds, coconuts and avocados.

Never Go Hungry

Our clients eat throughout the day, find they are rarely hungry, they feel better, have better mood, more energy, have more beautiful skin and hair, and the best part – the excess weight just comes off as a side effect. Our focus is on balanced meals of nutritious whole foods that you learn to create yourself.

Weight Loss Made Simple – No Need to Count Calories

There is no need for calorie counting, or points. And no need for risky, expensive hormone therapies or weight loss supplements. We deliver a lifelong method of eating for optimal health, not a fad diet or gimmick.

Sustaining a healthy weight (especially for those of us with food allergies or sensitivities) often requires understanding of which foods are best for your unique needs and learning new skills to incorporate them into your lifestyle. In a holistic fashion, we also address poor sleep habits, high stress, inactivity and prescription medications, which can all hinder weight loss.

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