Blog: Labeling Food with GMO Ingredients

Looks like Vermont may be the first state to be labeling GMO products for their consumers. Of course, food manufacturers are strongly opposed to any such labeling, yet the public has a right to know if the food they are buying is GMO, especially as hidden ingredients in processed foods. No one would suspect succulent corn, or squash being bad for you, but those sweet cobs of corn that go so well with steak on the grill may not be so SWEET for your health!!! At least Vermont is on the right track. A good reason to avoid processed foods too because, “More than 90 percent of the nation’s corn, soy, canola and sugar beets — from which the bulk of the nation’s sugar is derived — are GMO, and the Grocery Manufacturers Association has estimated that some 80 percent of foods found in grocery stores contain ingredients made from such crops.“

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