Blog: Is Laser Hair Removal Worth it?

Swimsuit season is here and we’d like to help you make it as carefree as possible! On average, women spend almost 2,000 hours of their lives shaving their legs, with men spending at least half that much time on shaving their beard and neck alone!

laser hair removalMany people think of Laser Hair Removal (LHR) as a beauty investment only but it is also a great way to buy back some extra time for yourself each morning! Plus, ditching the long term costs of razors, messy creams and painful waxing proves to yield big savings in the end!

Being swimsuit ready to walk right out the door without worrying about an overgrown bikini area is priceless – especially for busy moms on the go! And guys, no more asking someone to shave your back since there’s no reaching that on your own.

We have an amazing new laser at our Hendersonville Med Spa that is changing the way we experience hair removal.

Would you believe us if we told you it is pain free and even cool to the touch? It is safe and effective for ALL skin types and all areas – large and small – even the face! We can’t wait for you to experience this painless system for permanent hair removal.

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