Blog: Inspirations For Self Love and Self Care

Welcome to 2021! Good riddance to 2020! Are you ready for a healthier and happier future? We feel lighter and more hopeful this year.

We can all agree last year emotionally taxed many of us, pushing our coping skills to the limit, and demanding compliance to many changes in our lives. Unfortunately our isolation, fear, anxiety and stress increased as well.

Did you learn new ways to connect with your family and friends? Did you try new ways to exercise or new foods to stay healthy?

Many of us experienced serious health problems associated with the COVID-19 virus or had loved ones affected. May you find comfort in the memories of the ones you lost.

As we embrace 2021, our thoughts shift to how we can recover, feel better, love ourselves and our community better. Health has became a priority and stands front and center personally and for our Nation, we believe it is through Love we can have the largest impact on healing.

Dr. Harpe’s newest upcoming book shares how to fuel a little “self love” fire in your hearts.

“Any love can change how we experience life, so if we love ourselves enough to maintain healthy experiences, then our bodies will change for the better, then our lives will change for the better, then perhaps we can help other people in their quest for health. Our society could definitely benefit from more love, so why not begin with ourselves. This could cause a paradigm shift where self-love is a priority and considered a noble pursuit.”

“No matter how you define the true self, your health must be part of it, and no matter where you are in your health status, there will be room for improvement. A biological life is never stagnant: always moving to something better or to something worse. This is why maintaining our agency in life, our self-determination, is so important. In loving ourselves, we are making ourselves better. Even the determination you exhibit to actually love yourself, has a nurturing quality.

Wishing you a happy Valentines Day, be well!

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