Blog: Health and Immunity Enhancement While We Stay Home/Stay Safe – Free 30 Day Healthy Habit Series

Writing this from a place of humility, feeling uncertain over this COVID-19 crisis we find ourselves in, I thought we could focus on things we do have a little control over, like focusing on our health and enhancing our immunity, which can make a positive impact right now on our wellbeing.

As a health coach, one thing I know is that we are creatures of habit, and the habits we possess have a huge impact on our life and health. In my experience, most habits that make up our daily activities, and create the quality and the state of our health are usually developed without much thought, by chance, for convenience or simply for comfort.

Most of us know that we should eat less sugar, eat more nutrient dense foods like veggies, fruits and nuts. We’ve read everywhere it is important to stay active and have a regular exercise program. We know we should try and get a good nights sleep and stress less, but knowing all of this usually doesn’t translate to doing them.

So, why is it so hard sometimes to change our habits? Most people I have worked with have difficulty initiating new habits due to a lack of time because of busy schedules. New habits may be uncomfortable, they may also seem like too much work at first, especially if we are already feeling overworked.

Sheltering at home has changed all of this. We find ourselves with new routines, and more time on our hands. This is a terrible situation we are in, but looking at a silver lining – we do have more time to be mindful, work on immunity enhancement, and we have more freedom from our regular schedules giving us added flexibility to try new things. I think we have an opportunity to take this time to think about what we do everyday, and assess if these habits, routine recipes etc serve us. Do they help us feel well, do they help us reach our health goals?

As you try to tweak in some of these ideas, you may find you resonate with some, you may find that you feel better and have more energy. This is always a great motivator that helps make new healthy habits sustainable. At least know you are boosting your immunity and helping your body become stronger.

You may have heard that it takes about 30 days to create a habit, and we have that time right now. So, let’s take this opportunity to do something positive with this time. Join me for this series that will include 1 blog post per week and some social media stories to coach and encourage you along. Go ahead and email me at, with any questions and I’ll be happy to help you on the path toward immunity enhancement.

4 Week Immunity Enhancement Series Consist of:

Week 1 – Sleep For Healthy Immunity – most important thing we can do right now!

Week 2 – Health and Immune Enhancement Recipes

Week 3 – Health Boosting Movement

Week 4 – Mindfulness/ Manage Stress

Good luck! Let’s stay well and come out of this stronger and healthier as we turn Panic into Purpose!!

Sending love and wishing you health,


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