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When people feel good about their health they can save money and not complicate life with unnecessary medical care.

People who are physically fit and physically invested in their health “know” they are healthy because they feel it. This is not an intellectual matter as the medical and supplement industries wish you to believe. Real health is experiential, meaning you actually feel better, look better, and function better. It is not at all abstract or a conclusion based on test numbers.

It is imperative to our survival that we “sincerely feel” healthy and avoid the cognitive traps wherein we can argue that our laboratory test numbers (abstract surrogate markers at best) are better and therefore we must be healthy. This is a set-up for supreme failure because we live in a physical world, not an abstract world. For instance, the Twinkie-induced comfort (the artificially derived feeling as a mixture of highly processed sugar and fat hit the brain) is very real in a physical sense, therefore not likely resisted for an abstract proposition such as to improve our surrogate health markers or avoid diseases in the future. This scenario is even less concrete and infinitely more troubling in that society and the medical system make us believe (feel) we are most likely victims of our diseases. This is not true and I urge you to feel differently!

There are distinct anatomical structures in our nervous system which connect us to our vital organs, much of it below our level of consciousness. Therefore the health we create in our lives is intrinsic knowledge, the physical, intellectual and emotional context of our lives. I consider this physical realism wherein we sense we are either building a stronger, more vital context for life, or we sense we are building a weaker, disabling context for life. In the biological world (where we reside), there is no middle ground, no static state – we are either building ourselves up or tearing ourselves down, and we feel it.

When we feel better about our health, we tend to feel more secure about everything. Feeling your best can take many forms, from less aches and pains to a better functioning heart, all of which depend upon your health – your physical form and function. Feeling positive (even just an attitude) enhances everything in life, but also improves us physically in of itself, especially our immunity and cognitive function.

You sculpt your health, your body, your mind and your life. You can feel as good as you wish to.

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