Blog: Dr. Harpe and Hana Landa, a Grandmothers’ Testimonial on Weight Loss and Wellness

Charles C. Harpe, M.D.
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Meet Hana Landa in the above link to the interview on WLOS. She says after meeting Dr. Harpe and reading his book, she changed her life! Dr. Harpe strongly believes that anyone can make postive shifts in their health. His principles have helped patients lose considerable weight, and have increased energy and better health, all without the use of risky hormones or prescription medications. In fact, Dr. Harpe has also been able to help many patients reduce their current prescription medications because the root cause of the disease is being addressed, and they are simply getting better. Individual nutrition and personalized plans help patients address their unique sensitivities, GI problems and other issues that may be keeping them from releasing weight and feeling well.

Dr. Harpe uses the Power of Real Food. He guides his patients in Lifestyle and Nutrition shifts that impact their health and quality of life. These are not diet gimmicks, or fads but rather shifts in daily choices that have lasting and powerful effects. He believes health is not complicated, it can be very simple. It is mainly about the choices we make. Make the choice to feel better today by reaching out to Dr. Harpe for your first wellness visit.

To your health~

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