Blog: Sun Spot Removal in Asheville

Freckles are cute. Sun spots are not. There’s a reason they are also known as age spots. That name alone tells you they’re not something you want. Unfortunately, even if you’re obsessive with sunscreen, I’m sure you still notice them popping up as you get older. Worse yet, if you weren’t liberal with the sunscreen, you probably have more than you can count. Small ones, large ones, these age spots are various in their appearance. Unlike most other cosmetic annoyances, these spots can show up anywhere! Even places the sun probably never shined- kind of contradicting one of their names. Not cool!

Good news! Like so many things these days, sun spots are not something you have to live with, no matter where they appear. At Harpe Laser + Wellness, they can fade your sun spots, age spots, and other brown patches or discolorations- all virtually pain free. In fact, after a few laser treatments, you will notice brighter, more youthful skin.

So come on in and lighten-up! Schedule a free consultation with Dr. Harpe to find out more and kiss those troublesome spots good-bye!

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