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Better function is desirable, even a competitive edge in life.

Do you have aches, pains and limitations that are holding you back? Are you taking medcations that are stifling the most optimal life? Perhaps these are signs that your function is declining and you need to regain what was lost. Or perhaps you wish to discover functional abilities that you never had, a possibility at any age.

American society creates very low expectations for our physical function, even creating the culture of medical rescues (everyone should have one). Don’t become a victim of this herd effect!

Our body creates itself and then continues to remodel itself throughout our lives. The remodeling can be either positive or negative – this is up to us, and skill is required.

Physical function is extremely important to mothers taking care of their kids, fathers earning a living, and students busy fashioning their minds. Our roles in life cannot be divorced from our physical function.

The best way to create a better brain is to work through your body.

Functioning better means doing – not knowing. Far too often people are trapped in a “knowing-doing” gap. We cannot think our way into vitality, plain and simple.

Vitality means demonstrating more power, flexibility, adaptability and immunity.

Vitality means demonstrating metabolic efficiency throughout the body.

Infusing your body with artificial medicines does not produce optimal function because there are no molecular antidotes for the stresses and dysfunction attributed to a modern lifestyle.

Most people, even young people, tend to not USE their hormones efficiently, therefore supplementing hormones into one’s body generally creates risk without clear benefit.

You cannot supplement your way out of a sedentary existence or lack of fitness.

Your body’s present function is your presence in the universe. It is your essence.

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