Blog: Exfoliation Treatment in Asheville: 7 Benefits You Are Unaware Of

Have you ever marveled at how beautiful a baby’s skin is?

When we are young, our skin is plump with collagen, hyaluronic acid and our cells turn over rapidly, always revealing fresh, vibrant skin. But as we age, our skin cell turnover slows down, contributing to our skin looking dull and tired. Lines become more pronounced as lazy skin cells hang out longer causing patchy dry areas and uneven skin tone. Thankfully, we can help these sluggish cells slough off by exfoliating! Exfoliation is the process of removing these lazy, dead skin cells either by the application of chemicals such as sugar or fruit acids, vitamin A derivatives like retinoids, physical scrubs or specialized treatments such as dermaplane, chemical peels or HydraFacial. Despite the growing popularity of exfoliation treatments, the vast majority of should-be customers are still unaware of the potential benefits of these procedures. In this article, we shed light on seven benefits of exfoliation which even an informed reader like you might be unaware of. Also, you learn where you can find the best Exfoliation Treatment in Asheville.

7 Benefits of Exfoliation

Unclogged Pores

Exfoliating your skin can effectively unclog your pores as dead cells, along with debris and other material are removed from the skin during the exfoliation process. Removing dead skin cells, unclogging pores and removing debris helps to treat acne, reduces pore size and creates healthier skin.

Acne Prevention

Acne breakouts are also commonly caused by clogged skin pores as the oil secreted by our skin has nowhere to go, and it leads to acne formation. Exfoliating allows you to prevent such breakouts without any side effects.

Increased Collagen Production

One of the least known benefits of exfoliation is the boost provided to your body’s own natural collagen production. Collagen is a naturally created protein that is responsible for keeping our skin fresh, elastic, and helps in preventing acne and fine lines. Exfoliation boosts the level of collagen production, helping to create more supple, healthy skin.

Increased Cell Turnover

Cell turnover refers to the body’s ability to remove dead skin cells and replace them with newer cells. Exfoliation leads to increased cell turnover allowing the body to remove dead skin cells from the surface naturally, and this, in turn, gives your skin a youthful glow.

Improved Circulation and Lymphatic Drainage

Exfoliation also leads to better blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, which in the long run, improves the health and appearance of our skin. Human skin needs a constant supply of oxygen-rich blood along with lymphatic drainage which removes harmful toxins and waste from the surface. Exfoliation helps in stimulating both these processes which are essential for healthy skin.

Even Skin Tone

Exfoliation is also used to treat uneven skin tone, hyperpigmentation, and dark spots as it’s known to provide an even skin tone. Many people are unaware of the fact that exfoliation is an essential part of many cosmetic treatments used for hyperpigmentation and for treating uneven skin tone.

Helps deeper penetration of other skincare products

Exfoliation opens up skin pores by removing dead cells and other debris, which often blocks skin cells and prevents deeper penetration of skincare products. Thus, it directly helps with deeper penetration of other skincare products by opening pores.

The Best Exfoliation Treatment in Asheville at Dr. Harpe Laser + Wellness Clinic

It’s often difficult to find the best provider for an Exfoliation Treatment in Asheville as almost all spas and clinics claim that they offer superior treatments on their website. The fact is, not every spa can offer “the best”. We put the client experience first, and we invite you to come in and see for yourself why our team is so highly reviewed and rated. We, at Dr. Harpe Laser + Wellness clinic, have licensed practitioners who have years of experience in skin care and have carried out exfoliation successfully on hundreds of patients in the past.

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