Blog: Botox for Men in Asheville

When thinking of Botox and fillers it’s pretty much guaranteed that you visualize a smiling, unlined, female face. But why?! Everyone wants to look their best, so when did basic self-care become a “girl thing”? Just like the first time you stole your girlfriend’s facial moisturizer and thought “where has this been my whole life?!”, Botox has become a man’s best kept secret for a natural, youthful appearance. It has actually become so common that it has its own nickname- Brotox!

Fillers for Men in Asheville

That’s not to say Botox is the only wrinkle solution for men in Asheville. Maybe it’s not crow’s feet or fine lines on your forehead that make you self-conscious. Instead it could be your sagging cheeks or marionette lines. Problem solved! Juvederm for men or Restylane for men. The point is, just like your girlfriend’s magic face cream, the use of fillers can be a man’s magic wand in helping keep a youthful appearance with virtually no downtime. Why let women have all the secret weapons? Don’t men deserve them too?

Interested but have no idea where to start or even if it’s right for you? With all the options out there you’re not alone. By scheduling a consultation with Dr. Harpe, you can discover what options are right for you and know it’ll be done by one of the best in the field.

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