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Am I the only person who thought acne magically disappeared once you graduated from high school?! I’m pretty sure I never really got that magic break. Maybe you are one of the lucky ones who rarely had acne but then you got pregnant and “BAM!!!” here comes all the skin issues, like adult acne, you managed to avoid for years. Then again, you could be suffering from the other problems and have to deal with random dry spots and rough skin.

No matter where your concerns lie, be it aging or seasonal issues, our skin is constantly changing. What may have been a winning skin regimen years or even months ago may no longer work today. So now what?! With all the options out there how can we possibly know what to try? You can easily find yourself spending hundreds of dollars experimenting with the “next big thing” or the product that your best friend swears by, but how likely is it that it actually is the best thing for YOU?! You deserve a custom skin care plan tailored to your individual needs.

Debra Anderson

This is where Debra Anderson, the “godmother of aesthetics in WNC” comes in. As WNC’s premier aesthetician, Debra has taught aesthetics at AB Tech and Blue Ridge Community College for over a decade. You can utilize her expertise by making an appointment for a signature facial or a personalized skin consultation. With her help, you can not only have a professional treatment by one of the best in the business, but also a recommendation of products and procedures specifically geared to you and your needs.

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