5 Benefits of our Cool Peel Co2 Laser

We are thrilled to be offering the revolutionary Cool Peel at our Asheville Harpe Laser and Wellness Med Spa. A non-invasive, non-surgical office procedure that is performed to reduce sun damage, fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, rosacea, and blemishes to reveal smoother, healthier, younger-looking skin.

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Top 5 Med Spa Gifts this Holiday Season

Top 5 Med Spa Gifts this Holiday Season

The holiday season is around the corner, and most people are already busy buying gifts for their loved ones. As people have grown more health-conscious these days, the popularity of med spa gifts has increased accordingly over the last few years as there is perhaps no better gift than the one which makes you look younger and healthier.

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microneedling for acne scars

Is Microneedling for Acne Scars An Effective Option?

Have you just gotten the newest face cream, cleanser or scrub that promises to clear your acne and make your skin baby soft and you have the feeling that this may be the one?

By this point, maybe you have tried a hundred other products which promised to be just as effective, only to have one fail you after the other.

The good news is that although acne can be very frustrating to treat, there are real solutions that do not require dangerous prescription medications! Also, there are medical aesthetic treatments that truly help reduce the scars that acne can leave behind.

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Sun and Age Spots: 8 Ways to Make You Look Younger

Eliminating Sun and Age Spots: Ways to Look Younger

Sun and age spots are among some common skin issues which affect almost everyone at some point in their life. While they’re not the only visible symptom of aging, they’re a significant point of concern for many of the clients that we see here at Harpe Laser and Wellness. With the advancements in medical science and technology, there are now several available methods to deal with sun and age spots. In this article, we will discuss 8 effective ways that our services can help you look younger. Among these popular treatments are some that help treat sun and age spots while others will shape and contour your features. If your goal is to achieve a more youthful look, our experienced medical aesthetics team can help you create a customized regimen that can eliminate sun and age spots, tighten your skin, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and improve the generation of collagen and elastin.  

Our Top 8 Ways to Help You Look Younger

Dermal Fillers

Sagging facial skin is one of the main signs of aging as our skin loses its elasticity as we age.

Dermal fillers can help fix this and can be used to plump up the areas that have lost volume such as cheeks and can also help to re-contour the shape of the face through placement in areas like the jaw line.

Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT)

Many people suffer from hyperpigmentation, melasma, and age spots. Microneedling is one of the best ways to deal with these issues.

Unlike other skin treatments, microneedling utilizes our body’s natural defense system and boosts collagen production, which results in skin rejuvenation and a more even skin tone.   

Reduce Double Chin

A double chin may cause you to look older than your real age due to an accumulation of fat beneath the chin. This can be hereditary or occur with the natural aging process. There are several non-surgical, and non-invasive procedures to reduce double chin such as Kybella.

Kybella is an FDA approved treatment which uses several tiny injections under the chin and permanently dissolves the stubborn fat.  


Exfoliation refers to the practice of removing the outer layer of skin, which usually contains dead skin cells and may be contributing to the severity of age spots. Dermaplaning is considered one of the best exfoliation treatments for your skin.

Dermaplaning immediately rejuvenates your skin by removing the dead cells and vellus hairs along the hairline and chin. When this procedure is performed in combination with other facial treatments it increases the penetration of our medical grade facial products and allows for a deeper, highly effective treatment. 

Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy is one of the most effective treatment for removing sun and age spots. It’s an entirely non-invasive procedure that can be performed during a lunch break as it takes only 20 minutes on average.

Medical Peel

Medical Peels are also quite useful for treating sun and age spots. Most medical peel treatments are painless and involve serums rich in vitamins such as Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E, which immediately rejuvenate your skin.


Botox/Dysport is another popular treatment that can smooth expression lines that occur on the forehead, brow line and around the mouth. They can even be used to lift the brow.  These quick and painless injections should be performed by a well practiced physician or qualified injector. It is very important that you seek out treatment from a provider who is very knowledgeable about facial anatomy, like Dr. Harpe.

It is one of the most popular and safe skin treatments which is performed on millions of people across the world. It was approved by FDA in 2002 and can also be used for treating other issues such as hyperhydrosis or excessive sweating of the armpits, hands and/or feet. 

Exfoliation and Hydration

HydraFacial is another skin treatment which is used for removing dead skin cells and hydrating the dermis. It can also be used for treating sun and age spots when our Britenol booster and LED lights are used in conjunction with this treatment. At Harpe Laser + Wellness, we have an amazing Hydrafacial membership program that will allow you to get the best results without breaking the bank!

Where to Get the Best Treatment for Sun and Age Spots?

You can get the best treatment for Sun and Age Spots at Dr. Harpe Laser + Wellness clinic, which is the leading provider of facial treatments in Asheville and Hendersonville. Our experienced medical team has helped thousands of clients with skin problems.

What is Microneedling

Video Transcription

Jeremy: Hey guys, I’m Jeremy Ashburn. I’ve got Claudia Harpe with me. How you doing today Claudia?

Claudia: Hi Jeremy. Doing well, thank you.

Jeremy: So, we are at Harpe Laser Wellness in Asheville, North Carolina and you guys do a variety of services, laser hair removal, microneedling, botox, and more.

Claudia: We do.

Jeremy: And, today we’re just bringing up common questions that clients call in and ask when they walk in. And, since today we’re talking about microneedling, I guess we should start at the beginning. What is microneedling?

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