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Botox in Asheville - A Little Brow Lift May Lift Your Spirits Too

If you look like you are unhappy and frowning when you look in the can actually be affecting your mood. The FDA is currently looking at Botox as an alternative treatment for depression with significantly less side effects than prescription medications. In a recent study by Finzi and Dr. Norman E. Rosenthal, from Georgetown School of Psychiatry, 52 percent of the participants obtained relief from moderate to severe depression with Botox injections compared to only 15% of the participants receiving a placebo.

Botox® and Dysport - 20 Minutes to Soften Lines and Refresh Your Appearance

BOTOX® Cosmetic is the number one non-surgical cosmetic procedure of it’s kind and the only FDA approved treatment to temporarily improve the appearance of frown lines between the brows and crow’s feet lines. It has been FDA approved since 2002, and continues to be the fastest growing aesthetic procedure in the world. You can safely soften wrinkles in just one 20 minute treatment. Try it for a special occasion or make it part of your pampering process on a regular basis!

Rejuvenation + Relaxation Parties – Enjoy a Medical Spa Day With Your Closest Friends

There is nothing quite as special as a spa day with a group of your closest friends! Dr. Harpe provides a safe and confidential medical environment for your group within our beautiful and relaxing setting. Our Rejuvenation and Relaxation parties are designed with you in mind and allow everyone a little piece of luxury in a care free group environment. Perfect for wedding parties or special ladies night, be sure to ask us about our group package prices.

*Please note individual results may vary

Botox Pricing

Botox dosage is based on many factors and ultimately depends on patient goals. Here at Harpe Laser + Wellness, you can rest assured that your treatment will be of the highest quality. Dr. Charles Harpe, a board-certified physician for over twenty-four years is our primary injector. Dr. Harpe takes special care to ensure that the Botox we provide to our customers meets strict storage and reconstitution guidelines set forth by Allergan: the manufacturer behind Botox.

Schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Harpe today to learn more about Botox and pricing.

Botox Unit Price: $12.00

Dysport Unit Price: $3.85

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