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Protect your most important asset – your health

Dr. Harpe can help you change your health course. His holistic approach, guidance, treatment and education will help you regain your health and vitality by addressing various aspects of modern life that effect health. He does not prescribe medicine to treat a symptom when the actual cause of the symptom can be cured naturally. He does however, use traditional medicine when needed and appropriate.

Dr. Harpe believes health is innate and that you have the capacity to improve your health and transform your quality of life. He believes that good health is largely due to nutrition, but also involves movement, purposeful activities, social networks, stress relieving activities, attitude, and minimization of environmental toxins.   He can help you implement the positive health shifts that to help you reach their health aspirations. Dr. Harpe’s service is confidential, convenient, effective and life changing.  

He is passionate about inspiring and educating his patients to uncover their true health potential, and his passion is contagious! 

Holistic Medical Services

Holistic Internal Medicine Services
Dr. Harpe will perform a holistic assessment to target the root cause of disease, help you reduce your medication burden and increase your overall well-being
Neuromuscular Pain TX
Dr. Harpe provides targeted neuromuscular therapy to relieve both your acute and chronic muscular/joint pain
Weight Loss
Dr. Harpe will evaluate your current health status and provide you a nutrient dense, whole food nutrition plan designed to help you reduce weight without any prescriptions or hormones
Dr. Harpe will evaluate your readiness for physical fitness and prescribe a holistic plan to improve your overall wellbeing
Wellness Evaluation
Dr. Harpe will do a comprehensive evaluation of strengths and weaknesses in health including fitness and physique, stress, life balance, nutrition, cognition, and skin health
Wellness Follow Up Visits
Dr. Harpe will provide in-depth treatment recommendations based on your evaluation(s). Follow up visits are also a good time to assess progress and make adjustments to your treatment as needed.

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