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Holistic Health + Nutrition

Are you wondering where to begin to change your health? We’d love to show you the ropes.

Claudia HarpeA journey to greater health can be overwhelming. It is often difficult to know where to begin, especially if this is something new for you.  Research shows that people who work closely with a health coach rarely give up, and achieve their health goals more quickly and easily. Working with a professional can save you time, confusion and money, and make all the difference in your success.

Your health coach will listen, evaluate, and problem-solve with you to create a comprehensive and individualized plan that addresses not only nutrition and fitness but also how your daily life situations (such as stress levels, sleep, and social or emotional struggles) are affecting your ability to make positive shifts and attain healthier habits. Your specific needs such as gut health, immunity, food sensitivities or nutritional deficiencies are evaluated and incorporated into your plan. Working with your health coach, you will be armed with the latest and greatest information on how to get healthy, lose weight and attain your health goals.

Your coach will help you keep your health journey exciting, rich and effective!

Your coach will also provide you with great tips on easy to prepare recipes, grocery store finds, food preparation and storage, how to handle restaurants and eating out, plus much more. They will also point out dangerous or misleading information that may be trending.



Holistic Health/ Nutrition Coaching includes:

A customized plan
Email support
Specific recommendations
Hands-on learning experience
The latest scientific information
Help sorting through the latest diet trends and fads
Tips and tools to help you identify real and sustainable ways to optimize your health

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Wellness Testimonials

  • “After 34 years in law enforcement I retired – partly due to developing chronic back pain. I was literally in constant pain, with limited mobility.

    For over 7 years my family doctor tried all the traditional medical approaches, but he could not provide relief. I went to a chiropractor, an acupuncturist, and various physical therapists and none of these therapies provided relief either. Desperate, I underwent a series of spinal injections (at the cost of $8,000.00) by an orthopedist and they also failed.

    Then a physical therapist directed me to Dr. Charles Harpe. He reviewed all my medical records and created an innovative program of neuro-muscular manipulations and soft tissue injections that treated the root cause of the pain and inflammation – not just the symptoms. After two months I have diminished pain, greatly increased mobility and am now able get back in the gym three days a week. I highly recommend Dr Harpe because he was able to focus on the cause of my pain and then relieve my pain when other people couldn’t.”

    -Marty, K.
    Hendersonville, NC

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  • I met Dr Harpe in June of 2014 when he became my new primary care doctor. At this point in my life my health was going into a real downward spiral. I could only walk short distances without being winded. I had back and joint pain so severe I had taken to walking with a cane. Also had arthritis, acid reflux, diverticulitis, heart arrhythmia, borderline high blood pressure, migraine headaches and an autoimmune disorder called Relapsing Polychondritis, which attacks cartilage and connective tissues. Also, I was extremely overweight for not just my height, but for just about any height!

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  • In October 2013 I began seeing Dr. Harpe because my previous physician retired. At my first appointment,  Dr. Harpe  asked for the reason I was in his office,  I replied that my previous doctor required me to be checked every 6 months for various health problems—high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, gout, cholesterol and some other problems I can’t even recall. At the time I was 68 years of age, 5’9” tall and almost 290 lbs.  Dr. Harpe said I needed to do something about the reason I was in such poor shape, so that I would not have to continue many of the 10 different medications I was taking. Dr. Harpe asked me to read his book, “ Naturvore Power” and come back to see him in one week.

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  • In July 2013 I began as a patient with Dr. Charles Harpe and his treatment and patience have changed my life.  I began his recommended Naturvore way of eating about Sept. 1, 2013. I am 70 years old, diabetic, and have been 40 plus pounds over weight for at least the past 10 years.  I have had problems with my weight all my life.  I developed the diabetes about 1993.  Dr. Harpe and his lovely wife Claudia gave me so much time, detailed instruction, and support.  As I began the Naturvore way of eating, along with regular exercise, my blood sugar improved enormously and, as Dr. Harpe had promised, the pounds dropped off.  I have never been so astonished in my life.

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