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Welcome To The Fed-Up Program



You get a Doctor prescribed method of eating for Optimal Nutrition and Peak Performance.  All you need for permanent fat loss and great health. 

This is not a fad diet or a gimmick.  This is a life changing metabolic nutrition plan designed to help your body perform most efficiently.  The result is a permanent loss of excess body fat, increased mood and mental clarity, and all – around better health. 

 Your Nutrition Package Includes:


Dr. Harpe’s Nutritional Guide AND Dr. Harpe’s Nutrition Principles for Success
Motivation, Recipes, and Group Coaching through our online community in a private facebook group

1 monthly group meeting where we will commonly answer questions, provide a recipe demonstration, or host a field trip or exercise class

Food & Activity Journal

10% off all a-la-carte health services and products


Program Benefits:

  • Get off the diet roller coaster, lose fat and keep it off
  • Learn how to make food work for you, rather than against you
  • Lose body fat without losing muscle
  • Gain maximum energy
  • Improve mental clarity
  • Gain hormonal control over hunger, sugar cravings and fatigue


  • Debra instantly made me feel comfortable. She talked with me about my skin and put me under an intense light. Then she determined which products to use. The results are great! And the face and neck massage was so amazing…I actually feel asleep at the end! Thanks, Debra!!!

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  • Dr. Harpe has an awesome facility. I was blessed to have a facial with Debra…it was amazing.

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