Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Hair removal laser treatment is an affordable, safe and effective way of treating areas where you have grown tired of waxing or shaving. Every day you strive to have a healthy, young and beautiful looking body. You go to the gym, you eat healthy, you take vitamins and drink water, yet there are still areas of your body you would like to change or improve on. That’s where we can help, we will show you quick and simple ways of accomplishing your goal of acquiring the ideal look you’ve been wanting for years.

Hair Removal Laser Treatment

  • Save time and money: How much money and time do you waste each year for waxes, shaving and other options that only provide temporary results? It’s time to try something that gets fast results and saves you money and a lot of time over the next several years.
  • It’s effective: One of the reasons this particular option is so popular, and the reason we use it in our facility, is that it provides long-lasting results that give you smooth and healthy looking skin.
  • It’s safe: Not only is this technology well proven but it helps your skin to stay healthy, especially when you compare it to waxing, shaving and other options that take their toll on your skin.

Why Us?

There’s a reason why we are the top laser treatment hair removal team in Asheville. It’s not just because of our low prices or the variety of services we offer. What makes us the top team in town is our dedication to excellence. When you see a service we offer you can be confident that it is either FDA approved, certified or has been rigorously tested over the years to ensure it will outperform anything else. Want to learn more? Call us to schedule an appointment with Dr. Harpe and see what options are right for you. 

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