-James W.

In October 2013 I began seeing Dr. Harpe because my previous physician retired. At my first appointment,  Dr. Harpe  asked for the reason I was in his office,  I replied that my previous doctor required me to be checked every 6 months for various health problems—high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, gout, cholesterol and some other problems I can’t even recall. At the time I was 68 years of age, 5’9” tall and almost 290 lbs.  Dr. Harpe said I needed to do something about the reason I was in such poor shape, so that I would not have to continue many of the 10 different medications I was taking. Dr. Harpe asked me to read his book, “ Naturvore Power” and come back to see him in one week. At our next meeting I agreed to begin eating a natural food regimen, and track everything I ate, with the goal of reducing my weight and eliminating as many meds as possible. The next step was a visit from Claudia Harpe  to go through our cabinets and refrigerator  to be sure we understood which foods were good and which were bad. This was invaluable help. As my weight loss began, my need for meds began to lessen, then some disappeared altogether. Over the next 7-8 months I was able to drop about 60 lbs., resulting in a reduction of more than ½ of my meds.  The most exciting development was the  complete elimination of Diabetes meds. I am now only taking a small cocktail of high blood pressure meds.–NOTHING ELSE! The reduction of my waist size from 54” to 42”, has enabled me to begin a light exercise program, which Dr. Harpe  has lead me to(kicking and screaming). Hopefully this will result in further weight reduction. I am extremely grateful to Dr. Harpe for his help and continued interest in my health and well being. He is a “one of a kind” physician!  I owe him my eternal gratitude. -James W.

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