Fall Is Laser Hair Removal Season in Asheville and Hendersonville!

Fall is  the best time to start your laser hair removal.  Termed “Laser Season”for a reason,  Fall gives us more days out of the sun, and with the kids back in school and routines re-established, monthly treatments are easily and quickly incorporated into even the busiest schedules.  Choosing Laser hair removal at Harpe Laser and Wellness in both Asheville and Hendersonville, is also a cost and time saving choice for women and men. On average, women spend almost 2,000 hours of their lives shaving their legs, with men spending at least half that much time on shaving their beard and neck alone!

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Spring is Sunburn Season

After such a cold and isolating season with limited travel, social distancing, and quarantine times, this hint of warmer weather lately from Mother Nature gives us a boost of positivity. As if the breeze whispers, “Brighter times are on their way!” We can’t wait to play in the sun again and socialize with our friends and family. 

Warming weather means safer opportunities to connect with our loved one’s outdoors. Soon we can enjoy picnics and lounging by the pool. As we kick off the first days of March, where everyone dreams of basking in the sun this summer, beach towels, bug spray, and flip-flops won’t be the first things you’ll need. 

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Inspirations For Self Love and Self Care

Welcome to 2021! Good riddance to 2020! Are you ready for a healthier and happier future? We feel lighter and more hopeful this year.

We can all agree last year emotionally taxed many of us, pushing our coping skills to the limit, and demanding compliance to many changes in our lives. Unfortunately our isolation, fear, anxiety and stress increased as well.

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Finding Relief From Stress And Anxiety

It’s a new year, which means it’s the perfect time to cultivate a sense of wellness within your life. One of our favorite tools to help you take charge of your emotional wellbeing is HeartMath. 

As a Certified HeartMath Provider, Claudia Harpe can practice these simple tools with you with the assistance of biofeedback, allowing you to witness your body’s shift into a more calm and harmonious state in real time.

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