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You Are What You Eat

“You are what you eat.” It’s a phrase we’ve all heard more times than we can count but do we really ever think about what it actually means?

How many times have you ordered a pizza and ended up eating more than you might have originally planned? Or taken out a sleeve of Oreos swearing you were only going to have one and then realize you’ve somehow eaten the whole thing? While fulfilling as it may be while you’re eating, almost as soon as you’re done the next thing out of your mouth is probably “Ugh!!!” or “ That was a bad idea!”

On the flip side, I feel pretty confident you’ve never regretted eating too much broccoli or grilled chicken. We all instinctively know these foods are obviously better for us but have you ever really thought about why? Simply put: ingredients. Could you even pronounce or guess half of the listed ingredients for the pizza or Oreos? Now think of the broccoli and chicken. A lot easier to name.  Quite simply, the simpler the food, the less likely you’re going to feel any negative effects after you eat it.

In a land of processed foods and ingredient lists as long as CVS receipts, is it really any wonder the foods we eat are affecting us negatively? We are so used to the instant gratification these foods provide,  we don’t even stop to think if they’re good for us. Instead of settling for “good enough”  we should emphasize filling our bodies with the best fuel possible. But how?

Asheville Nutrition

Anyone can tell you to “eat more vegetables” or “watch your carbs” but while that may help you lose weight, it likely won’t help you use your diet to help find your best you.

With an individual nutrition evaluation we can help you find the best possible nutrition plan catered just to you and any special needs you may have. If you’re going to put forth the effort, shouldn’t you make sure you’re doing it right from the start?

Asheville Laser Hair Removal

Spring is here!!! Or living in Western North Carolina, Spring is here for a day and then winter again and then spring again. Luckily for us, Spring now finally seems here to stay. We can now enjoy blooming flowers and warmer weather. We trade our sweaters and jeans for cool tees, shorts, breezy dresses, and enjoy the sunshine on our bare skin.  However,  we have to deal with the always dreaded “ I have to shave more than once a week.”

Luckily, there’s actually an easy, permanent hair removal solution you may not have thought of- Laser Hair Removal.

But don’t you have to be pale with black hair? Doesn’t it hurt? Does anyone REALLY do that? No. Not Really. Lots of people do!

So this myth actually comes from fact. Like most technology we have today,  there have been major advancements since the first lasers were introduced. Those old units had difficulty differentiating between subtle color differences. So dark hair on dark skin or light hair on light skin would easily confuse the machine.  Luckily for us, with the increase in technology came smarter lasers. We are one of the few Asheville and Hendersonville laser centers that have the best state-of-the-art devices at your disposal.

Pain and Laser Hair Removal

“Beauty is pain!” Really though? Personally, I’m all about looking good without being brought to tears. Tears are pretty much unheard of here. Why?  We use a patented dynamic cooling device with our GentleMax Pro lasers which provides a burst of chilled air right before the laser pulse- ensuring comfort and protection for your skin.

Who does Laser Hair Removal

You. Or if not actually you than someone just like you. I mean is there anyone out there that actually likes the drudgery of shaving? I think I’ve heard more people admit an affection towards laundry or doing dishes. Then there are the long term costs. Razors and creams are ridiculously expensive and only temporarily remove hair. So why are we doing something we hate and spending lots of $$$ to do it? Where’s the logic? I’d much rather spend the money now and enjoy being permanently hair free- wouldn’t you?!

Want to see it in action?

Asheville BOTOX

Asheville BOTOXBOTOX®. You’ve definitely heard of it, but outside of what you’ve read in gossip magazines about who has done what- how much do you really know?

First off, there’s a reason why it’s so popular. Unlike cosmetic surgery with its various health risks and long recovery time, BOTOX® is a 20 minute procedure with minimal side effects and no down time- it’s literally get it and go! It’s also not just for the rich and famous. How about the suddenly well-rested looking mom at your school’s pick-up line? While she may have suddenly discovered a way to get a much needed 8 hours of sleep nightly, it’s more likely she took a quick visit to a licensed BOTOX® technician instead.

It’s our priority to ensure a visit geared towards you personally and combines both holistic and traditional practices no matter which treatment you’re interested in. Like most modern medicine, BOTOX® is actually derived by sources in nature. Visit for more details.

But doesn’t it make you look fake and expressionless? Have you heard the expression: “too much of a good thing?” or “leave it to the experts?” Like paint in the hands of an artist vs a 3-year-old, the results you get are based entirely on the skill of the technician doing the procedure. BOTOX® is meant to help give you less noticeable frown lines and crow’s feet while still making sure you look like yourself. So, do your research! You wouldn’t let just anyone cut your hair, so shouldn’t you demand the same expertise in the technician you choose to give your facial injections in Asheville?

That’s why we have Hollie Harris!

Hollie Harris, RN, CLT, MLE

Ms. Harris is a Certified Nurse Injector, Laser Technician and Licensed Medical Aesthetician. She has 20 years of aesthetic experience and expertise and is dedicated to staying at the forefront of aesthetic innovation.

“I love the rejuvenating qualities of injectables. They can refresh and renew the appearance immediately.”   It’s with this combination of extensive knowledge of facial anatomy and years of clinical training that she’s able to restore and enhance each patient’s natural beauty.

Hollie Harris

Hollie Harris
Hollie Harris

The Harpe Laser + Wellness team is happy to welcome our newest team member and Lead Injector: Hollie Harris, RN. Hollie has been practicing in the field for almost 20 years, and is highly experienced with Botox and Dysport treatments, natural dermal fillers, microneedling, laser hair removal, and a wide variety of other laser treatments. 

Call today to set up an appointment with Hollie Harris, RN for Botox or Dysport treatments in Asheville, NC ~ (828) 595-3113

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What is Microneedling

Video Transcription

Jeremy: Hey guys, I’m Jeremy Ashburn. I’ve got Claudia Harpe with me. How you doing today Claudia?

Claudia: Hi Jeremy. Doing well, thank you.

Jeremy: So, we are at Harpe Laser Wellness in Asheville, North Carolina and you guys do a variety of services, laser hair removal, microneedling, botox, and more.

Claudia: We do.

Jeremy: And, today we’re just bringing up common questions that clients call in and ask when they walk in. And, since today we’re talking about microneedling, I guess we should start at the beginning. What is microneedling?

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