Author: Dr. Harpe

Nature versus Nurture

Supposedly we live in a free country, but if that is so, how is it that most Americans end up as people they do not wish to be? As a primary care physician, I have witnessed first-hand the explosion of chronic disease, multi-organ failure and poly-pharmacy. Most would agree that these are undesirable conditions, and we need some solutions. But is the underlying problem related to our nature or our nurture?

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Isn’t it time we view health from a fresh perspective?

Health is derived from what we eat, what we do and what we believe, not from the healthcare industry!

Naturvore – (noun) an omnivore that resists eating manufactured foods. But the term also embodies a person who wants to achieve and maintain the most biologically authentic form of themself.


More optimal health can become your physical reality in days. 


Helping You Take Control

The management of chronic disease can mask the signs or symptoms of organ failure, allowing internal damage to continue, while the root cause is not addressed. Almost assuredly, as another organ begins to fail, additional prescriptions will be assigned, thereby creating the situation where poly-pharmacy, chronic disease and multi organ failure are commonplace in our society.  

A Better Way

Disentangle your ideas of health from the industrial medical complex. Use medications and procedures ONLY when absolutely necessary. Health is your essence, a form of self-expression and the physical qualities of your life – wherein you look better, feel better and perform better. We achieve our best health possible at any stage in life when we align ourselves to some basic natural principles.