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New Year Resolutions

Proverbial New You

Again, we are in the eve of a new year and most Americans are ready for that proverbial “new you.” This is understandable because by now our over-indulgence in manufactured foods and drinks has made us feel corrupted and bloated with excess. The traditional holiday gifts tend to promote misgivings about our health, as the customary consumer frenzy that began late November has climaxed, and now we wish to escape from it, perhaps even rejuvenate our lives hence forth. Some could say we are finally respecting self-preservation and subconsciously want to reduce the amount of industrial goods, materialism and artificiality in our lives.

A Balanced Life

Although it is generally not considered this way, I propose that the “new you” we desire represents a more primitive, more biologically authentic, identity that resides within each of us. Almost certainly, this identity includes a physique that is thinner, stronger and more aesthetically appealing, and follows a subconscious realization that our modern, “civilized,” physique is not the epitome of our success. But mostly, we seek change because we are frankly uncomfortable in our own skin. So, on the eve of every new year, we are compelled toward a more balanced life, to consume whole foods (like those our ancestors subsisted on), to engage in more exercise, to express more love and to perhaps even spend more time in nature’s refuge.

Primordial Wisdom

I urge the reader to cultivate his/her primordial wisdom, instead of searching for techno-health gimmicks as a means of self-improvement. Through our innate biological wisdom, we aim to improve our fundamental identity, our biological identity. Most certainly, the creation of a leaner physique representing improved function symbolizes a better relationship with ourselves. Don’t underestimate the power of fulfilling a new identity in a literal sense because it is unlikely that our personal renewal will be real or will endure past the Super Bowl weekend without such a change. This is how a Naturvore thinks.

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Weight Loss

28askwell weight-tmagArticle


28askwell weight-tmagArticleWeight loss is extremely desirable for most people, but one’s weight should not be the focus in achieving health; that is narrow-minded and prone to create additional problems. Weight management must be part of a comprehensive approach to health.

I recommend finding a physician who understands weight in a holistic way, one who also understands you and the barriers you face in sustaining your most optimal weight.

Sustaining a healthy weight requires a bit of skill. People tend to gain weight in America not because they are victims (although it may seem that way), but because they lack the skills necessary to counteract the super-sized, toxic American culture corrupting their life energy. Furthermore, the excess weight itself further unravels our natural disposition for health, preventing us from becoming our best.

Carrying excess weight is not simply an aesthetic issue. Excess weight creates its own stress in life and changes our genetic fates/outcome. Being overweight causes or portends:

– brain failure with dementia and strokes
– cancer
– heart disease, heart failure, vascular disorders and blood clots
– metabolic derangements including diabetes, vitamin deficiencies
– disabling arthritic conditions such as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid
– hormone imbalances including loss of energy and sexual impotency
– high blood pressure
– kidney failure and dialysis
– autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis, lupus
– sensory loss and blindness
– liver failure and liver transplant
– the syndrome of multi-organ failure (becoming increasingly common in America)
– a negative psyche, less self-esteem, anxiety, insecurity, dependence
– loss of income and less favorable financial circumstances

Now, is the time for weight loss and we can help you with a sensible plan!


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Function Better

Better function is desirable, even a competitive edge in life.

Do you have aches, pains and limitations that are holding you back? Are you taking medcations that are stifling the most optimal life? Perhaps these are signs that your function is declining and you need to regain what was lost. Or perhaps you wish to discover functional abilities that you never had, a possibility at any age.

American society creates very low expectations for our physical function, even creating the culture of medical rescues (everyone should have one). Don’t become a victim of this herd effect!

Our body creates itself and then continues to remodel itself throughout our lives. The remodeling can be either positive or negative – this is up to us, and skill is required.

Physical function is extremely important to mothers taking care of their kids, fathers earning a living, and students busy fashioning their minds. Our roles in life cannot be divorced from our physical function.

The best way to create a better brain is to work through your body.

Functioning better means doing – not knowing. Far too often people are trapped in a “knowing-doing” gap. We cannot think our way into vitality, plain and simple.

Vitality means demonstrating more power, flexibility, adaptability and immunity.

Vitality means demonstrating metabolic efficiency throughout the body.

Infusing your body with artificial medicines does not produce optimal function because there are no molecular antidotes for the stresses and dysfunction attributed to a modern lifestyle.

Most people, even young people, tend to not USE their hormones efficiently, therefore supplementing hormones into one’s body generally creates risk without clear benefit.

You cannot supplement your way out of a sedentary existence or lack of fitness.

Your body’s present function is your presence in the universe. It is your essence.

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Feel Better Now

When people feel good about their health they can save money and not complicate life with unnecessary medical care.

People who are physically fit and physically invested in their health “know” they are healthy because they feel it. This is not an intellectual matter as the medical and supplement industries wish you to believe. Real health is experiential, meaning you actually feel better, look better, and function better. It is not at all abstract or a conclusion based on test numbers.

It is imperative to our survival that we “sincerely feel” healthy and avoid the cognitive traps wherein we can argue that our laboratory test numbers (abstract surrogate markers at best) are better and therefore we must be healthy. This is a set-up for supreme failure because we live in a physical world, not an abstract world. For instance, the Twinkie-induced comfort (the artificially derived feeling as a mixture of highly processed sugar and fat hit the brain) is very real in a physical sense, therefore not likely resisted for an abstract proposition such as to improve our surrogate health markers or avoid diseases in the future. This scenario is even less concrete and infinitely more troubling in that society and the medical system make us believe (feel) we are most likely victims of our diseases. This is not true and I urge you to feel differently!

There are distinct anatomical structures in our nervous system which connect us to our vital organs, much of it below our level of consciousness. Therefore the health we create in our lives is intrinsic knowledge, the physical, intellectual and emotional context of our lives. I consider this physical realism wherein we sense we are either building a stronger, more vital context for life, or we sense we are building a weaker, disabling context for life. In the biological world (where we reside), there is no middle ground, no static state – we are either building ourselves up or tearing ourselves down, and we feel it.

When we feel better about our health, we tend to feel more secure about everything. Feeling your best can take many forms, from less aches and pains to a better functioning heart, all of which depend upon your health – your physical form and function. Feeling positive (even just an attitude) enhances everything in life, but also improves us physically in of itself, especially our immunity and cognitive function.

You sculpt your health, your body, your mind and your life. You can feel as good as you wish to.


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Blueberry Delight

DSC 9837


DSC 9837

Blueberry Delight is quickly becoming one of my favorite snacks and it is also an incredibly easy and quick breakfast. It’s full of amazing anti-oxidants and phytonutrients. Blueberries are so nutritious and keep very well in the freezer, and the other ingredients are super nutritious pantry staples that you will use in many other dishes. Pair it with a lean protein like Greek Yogurt or Cottage Cheese and you have a balanced breakfast or snack.


Super Blueberry Delight: breakfast, snack or dessert!

1 Cup of frozen or fresh blueberries
Handful of raw walnuts
1 tsp of coconut oil
1/4 C of organic, unsweetened shredded coconut
Stevia to taste (optional)
1T Chia seeds
1T Dark Chocolate Chips (optional, use when making this a treat)

Pour blueberries and coconut into a cereal bowl and heat gently in microwave at 50% power till warm. Add a 1/2 of packet of stevia if you like it sweet. Add walnuts, chia seeds and dark chocolate chips. Enjoy!!


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