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Get Up and Move – It’s Good for You!!

Studies show that “Sitting for more than 3 hours a day can shave your life expectancy by 2 years, even if you exercise regularly.” It is said that sitting is the new smoking, so it may be wise to make some adjustments in our work environment. Setting a timer on our cell phones to remind us to get up and stretch or do a couple jumping jacks is a good way. This mental break also helps us be more productive and relieves stress. Standing desks are also helpful but standing all day may not be practical. Here are some great ideas behind sit to stand desks – check them out.

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Laser Hair Removal and the Sun

If you are thinking of LHR, Avoid getting a sunburn or a new tan at least a week prior to treatment. You can enjoy the outdoors, just wear sunblock 50+ and/or protective clothing over the area that you want to have treated. We can treat established tans with our ND YAG laser, but anyone with a recent sunburn or prolonged sun exposure will have to wait a week or two before getting started. We believe Laser Hair Removal should not be cost prohibitive. Dr. Harpe offers reasonable LHR prices, ARC member discounts, and a professional staff to serve you.

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Nutrition Counseling

Dr. Harpe offers Nutrition Counseling. Do you have trouble losing weight, have frequent heart burn, bloating, constipation, inflammation and low energy? Food Sensitivities and Autoimmune Symptoms are often related to Leaky Gut. This article has a good Description of how the process works and the importance of probiotics. Dr. Harpe can help! We offer nutrition counseling as well as physician strength probiotics and other natural recommendations to address your symptoms. A nice plus, our visit includes daycare for your little ones.

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New Year and a New You


bigstock-Healthy-Life-Style-Vs-Diet-Con-58182584As a practicing physician, it is interesting to see many people begin the new year with a desire for that proverbial “new you,” yet again. They want change because by the second day of January, the over-indulgence in materialism, especially manufactured foods and drinks, makes them feel downright miserable. Subconsciously and viscerally people wish to re-emerge from the cloak of their “civilized” physique, sensing that it does not represent true human success even though it is created and sustained by the most sophisticated comforts.

 Further irony is found in that the “new you” to which people often aspire is generally personified by a more primitive form of themselves, one that is more biologically authentic, leaner, stronger and more aesthetically appealing. Indeed, shedding layers of fat, disease, and other culturally-acquired changes from our bodies reveals a human form that honestly represents success – a person that is healthier and more able. Reality further dictates that we improve our health through ancient practices, such as consuming whole foods (in lieu of the factory-made delights), engaging in more strenuous activities and perhaps even spending more time simply immersed in Mother Nature. Yet for many people irony often intensifies as they forget their biological nature, opting to consider their own health as a commodity created in laboratories and distributed by industries. The result is that many people are prone to suffer unnecessarily as a consequence of their intellectual blind spot, an indifference to their physical reality.

 As in years past, the completion of the Winter solstice has just brought our bodies to a nadir of corrupted function, all the while our primordial wisdom (the essential communication between man and Earth) is desperately trying to improve our course. So this time, I urge people to resolve their annual discomfort with wisdom and deep sincerity, resisting the urge to implement modern techno-health gimmicks that drive them further from reality. Honoring our biological nature is not only a primitive necessity for lasting health, it is also a defining challenge for our modern lives. Cheers to your success and a new resolution!





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