Asheville Facial Top 8 Reasons You Need a Facial Right Now

Asheville Facial: Reasons You Need a Facial

According to the data collected by Simmons National Consumer Survey and US Census, 2.84 million Americans got facials 4 times or more in 2018, while almost 7 million got facials at least once in 6 months. These figures point to the popularity of facials among the general US population. Many people wonder if getting a facial is the right choice for them, and in this article, we will answer this question by listing the top 8 reasons why you need a facial right now. You will also learn where to get the best Asheville Facial treatments.

Top 8 Reasons You Need a Facial Right Now

Clean Pores

Regular facials are a fantastic way to clean your pores and remove blackheads, and pimples.

A facial is a much better way of removing pimples than extracting pores directly as poor extracting often leads to long term skin issues such as acne flare-ups and facial scars. Having your pores cleaned regularly can lead to a reduction in their size. 


Anti-aging is one of the most important reasons why you should receive facials regularly. Human skin starts showing signs of aging in the mid-20s, and these signs appear in the form of wrinkles and fine lines.

In our 20s and 30s, signs of aging are less noticeable, but as we continue to age into our 40’s, 50’s and beyond, these signs become quite visible. Facials are a great way to remove signs of aging, and there are several anti-aging facials available in the market.

Healthy Complexion

A facial can give your skin a healthy complexion which will, in turn, lead to a more even-toned skin and youthful glow.

Facials are known to naturally boost collagen, which is a protein found in our body and is essential for a healthy skin complexion.

Reduce Stress

Stress is among the primary cause of skin-related issues indirectly. Many people overeat or become addicted to substances like nicotine, alcohol, sugar, chocolate if they are stressed. Almost all these substances affect your skin negatively.

Facials can help relieve stress as almost every facial involves massage, which is a well-known stress reliever.

Better Blood Circulation

Facials help increase blood and lymph circulation, which in turn delivers more oxygen to your skin cells leading to healthy skin. Many people turn to exercise and other routines to get better blood circulation, but you can accomplish the same goal by getting a facial.

Hydrated Skin

Facials involve opening pores via steam or other methods, which leads to better hydration in skin cells. A facial helps you regulate your skin’s moisture level, which then leads to better-hydrated skin.


Facials can help you prevent several skin-related issues such as acne breakouts, wrinkles, fine lines even before they appear on your skin. Preventing future skin conditions is one of the main benefits of getting a facial.

Professional Evaluation

During a facial, your skin will be evaluated by a licensed medical esthetician, who can help you identify any underlying skin issues and get professional advice for your type of skin.

Where to Get the Best Asheville Facial Treatments?

Getting the best Asheville Facial Treatments is easy. Dr. Harpe offers some of the best Asheville facial treatments at an affordable cost. We have highly trained, professional and personable estheticians at both of our Hendersonville and Asheville offices. You can contact us and inquire about Signature, Organic Balancing, Ultimate Relaxation, Illumination, and Express Facials.

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