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How We’re Different

Attention To Detail + Building Relationships

In contrast with the 5 -8 minutes per patient health visit in the disease model medical system, we spend the amount of time needed to fully learn about your beauty and health needs. We value creating a client relationship of mutual respect and growth.

A Simple Approach to Health

We don’t prescribe hormones or expensive genetic testing. Our focus instead is on your individualized diet, lifestyle, stress managment, exercise, sleep, and balancing of any nutritional deficiencies.

More Than Symptoms

We don’t just treat symptoms with a prescription pad. Whether you have a health or beauty concern, we focus on natural and effective treatments that get to the core of your problem.

Real Food Nutrition

We guide you toward your individualized nutrition plan that is best for you, so that your body can receive the nutrition it needs to thrive.

Alternative Medicine Grounded in Traditional Medical Experience

With over 20 years of Medical Experience, as a Board Certified MD. and 15 years of Holistic Practice, We offer Holistic, Natural Treatments when possible and Traditional Medicine when necessary.

Approach Health from a Position of Strength, Not Weakness

We empower our clients to become actively involved in creating and improving their health. We teach and guide clients in healthy life choices that will increase overall wellbeing. We want them to feel in awe of their innate capabilities.

Accessibility and Investment

We keep our practice small, providing more individualized care. We greatly value our client relationships. Unlike most practices, it isn’t unusal to get a personal follow-up call from Dr. Harpe himself after a service or consultation.


  • Debra instantly made me feel comfortable. She talked with me about my skin and put me under an intense light. Then she determined which products to use. The results are great! And the face and neck massage was so amazing…I actually feel asleep at the end! Thanks, Debra!!!

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  • Dr. Harpe has an awesome facility. I was blessed to have a facial with Debra…it was amazing.

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