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Stress is something we rarely think about but that actually has a very large impact on our health. Some common symptoms associated with stress include food cravings, increased body fat in abdominal area, anxiety and depression, increased irritability and anger, muscle tension, decreased muscle mass, headaches, decreased sex drive, racing heartbeat, decreased immune response and decreased memory and learning. All of these symptoms are associated with high levels of cortisol produced by stress. Often, it is hard to evaluate how stressed we are on a daily basis. When the demands of life exceed our abilities, or our perception of our abilities, we feel stressed. Stress is an automatic physical and emotional reaction to a danger or demand that triggers our “Fight or Flight” response. If we were assaulted, this response would arouse us, sharpen our senses, improve our focus and memory and enable us to fight or take flight.

It is when stress is chronic and for prolonged periods, it can have very serious effects on your body and make you much more susceptible to disease. In fact, chronic stress plays a critical role in the outcome of obesity, heart disease, diabetes, autoimmune diseases and substance abuse. As a primary care physician, I have to say, that almost 90% of my patients’ visits are stress related.   Stress is damaging to our mental health, but it also drives chronic disease. It increases healthcare costs and lost workdays as well as decreasing our overall quality of life.