Reverse your Chronic Disease like Diabetes, Watch this clip of Dr. Harpe on WLOS.

Tablet with the diagnosis diabetes on the display

Like Linda in the interview, we want you to make your health a priority this year!!  Linda reversed her diabetes because she made a decision and took action to get serious about her health.  With  Dr. Harpe’s designed and proven, natural (Naturvore) dietary plan and our wellness coaching she was given the tools needed to make that change happen!  Dr. Harpe has 20 years experience in treating chronic diseases.

His work with Linda began with a simple yet very effective program. Linda began the dietary plan, he has termed the Naturvore diet, and also began replacing bad habits for good ones in other important factors that contribute to health and weight loss such as exercise.  She learned the Naturvore dietary plan quickly and has ben able to sustain it and plans to do so for life.  She simply loves it!  Natural (Naturvore) eating is simple, includes fresh vegetables, fruits, beans, naturally raised meats, fish, eggs, healthy fats and cultured dairy.  Linda learned to balance her  meals to optimize her metabolism and control her sugar spikes and she learned to love new, healthier foods like avocados.  She now has more energy, feels better about her appearance and no longer has to inject insulin several times each day.  Her quality of life has improved immensely.  

Although an expert in the medical treatment of adult diseases, Dr. Harpe could have simply kept prescribing Linda her insulin.  However, he knew that her disease would simply continue and progress.  Providing the education, guidance and motivation to help clients understand their role and power over their health is very gratifying to Dr. Harpe and the rest of the wellness team.  Be inspired to take charge of your health, you have a choice to feel better and lose weight, Make that choice today!

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