We Help You Get Healthy Through The Power Of REAL FOOD 

Family Cooking A Dinner Together

Food can truly be your medicine! 

But, in today’s food environment, food is also the main cause of obesity and disease. Every meal we eat has an impact over our weight and ultimately our health. It is another fact that being overweight is directly related to chronic disease. It is a fact that healthy eating and weight loss is more about the quality of the foods we eat rather than counting calories or adding points.

Counting points or calories is simply not sustainable for most people.  

Have you spent a great deal of time, money and energy following a new diet craze, only to gain the weight right back?  Are you ready to learn ways to lose that weight for good and get really healthy in the process? Our Health Coaching will help you make lifestyle and nutritional shifts that will create real, sustainable health and weight loss. 

Dr. Harpe and your Holistic Nutrition Coach will teach you which foods have the power to heal, reverse chronic disease and transform your health, as well as which food to avoid!

You will simply learn how to eat to be well and prevent disease.  There is no counting calories, or points.  We will teach you how to manage your hormones naturally, optimize your metabolism, and maintain a healthy weight.  This method, developed by Dr. Charles Harpe for his patients, has been very successful in reversing chronic diseases including diabetes. It is also a very effective way to get to your ideal weight and gain more energy so you can feel your best.