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Dr. Harpe’s Philosophy

  • I believe in the uniqueness and individuality of each person and the uniqueness of their health state, also that the body’s systems are all interconnected, where no one system is treated in isolation.
  • I believe in a patient centered approach rather than a disease centered approach. I ask myself “why is this patient experiencing this disease or this symptom”, not “what medication can I give him to make the symptom go away”.
  • I believe that health is made up of more than a lack of disease, but rather a positive energy and balance between many factors including nutrition, exercise, stress, sleep, genetics, environmental toxins, attitude, social networks and life purpose.
  • I believe in addressing the cause of chronic disease and symptoms. These are usually rooted in lifestyle choices and environmental exposures. Even genetic influences can be addressed through lifestyle changes through epigenetics. Coaching and alternative therapies are used to address the root of these problems.
  • I believe in increasing life quality and health, not just increasing life span.
  • I believe that health is up to the patient, and that he or she must take responsibility for it.
  • I believe traditional medicine does have its place and I am very qualified to prescribe medication or procedures when needed.
  • I believe that health is innate, we all are meant to be healthy and in homeostasis.
  • I believe that it is never to late to make a positive impact on your health.