Table with cold snacks and refreshments for business meeting. FoLunch and Learns for Your Small Business

In today’s business and health environment, it has never been more important to do everything possible to encourage and promote the wellness of your employees. Obviously, it is more difficult to operate a healthy company with sick employees, and preventable chronic disease is more prevalent today than ever before. Furthermore, medical care and insurance costs are becoming a larger part of an employer’s responsibility to their workforce. Businesses that promote, encourage and reward their employees for participating in wellness programs will be taking the right steps toward minimizing costs, improving productivity while increasing employee loyalty and morale.

Our one hour lunch and learns are a simple and cost effective way to educate, motivate, provide perspective (on what it truly means to “take charge of your health” and what they can do about it), and provide resources to help your employees begin their health journey. We aim to make your employees feel more valued as well as motivated to set and achieve their health goals.

Educating your employees and empowering them to take charge of their health will be a benefit to your companies bottom line by minimizing employee sick days and decreasing the use of medical care. Healthier employees also tend to be happier at work, creating a more positive and productive environment.

We can tailor our services to your company’s needs. We can schedule a one hour-long lunch and learn or develop an eight-week comprehensive package. Call us for a free consultation on how we can best serve your companies needs.


Topic Lectures

These are presentations geared to specific topics of interest and include a period of questions and answers. They are perfect for church groups, schools, and community organizations.