Charles C. Harpe, M.D

Charles C. Harpe, M.D

Protect your most important retirement asset – your Health

Dr. HARPE is a Board Certified Internal Medicine Doctor with 20 years of Internal Medicine experience to provide perspective and solutions for your health problems. He is the author of Naturvore Power, Transcending Industrial Food and Medicine, an avid runner and father of three wonderful teenagers. His experience in primary care over the years has given him the perspective and understanding of what is working in the management of chronic diseases such as Heart Disease, Diabetes, Auto Immune disorders, Kidney disease, and even multi organ failure. He has witnessed the rise of these diseases and the limitations of medicine in regard to them. He knows what works and what doesn’t. After losing 55 pounds himself and reaching his optimal health in middle age, He is passionate about inspiring and educating his patients to uncover their true health potential, and his passion is contagious!

Dr. HARPE’s guidance, treatment and education will help you regain your health and vitality by addressing various aspects of modern life that effect health. Dr. Harpe does not prescribe medicine to treat a symptom when the actual cause of the symptom can be ameliorated naturally. He does however, use traditional medicine when needed and appropriate. He can help you change your health course. He believes health is innate and that we all have the capacity to improve our health and transform our quality of life. He believes that health is largely due to nutrition, but also involves movement, purposeful activities, social networks, stress relieving activities, attitude, and minimization of environmental toxins.   He works with the Naturally Well Health Coaches to help his patients implement the positive health shifts that will help them reach their health aspirations. He is available for visits in person in the Asheville, NC and Hendersonville, NC area or by phone consultation.

Dr. HARPE’s service is confidential, convenient, effective and life changing.   Dr. HARPE offers a free 15-minute phone consultation, so there is no reason to wait. There is nothing to lose, yet so much to gain, see how Dr. HARPE can help you today!


Holistic Internal Medicine Services

  • Health Evaluation- comprehensive evaluation of strengths and weaknesses in health including fitness and physique, stress, life balance, nutrition, cognition, and skin health
  • Disease Evaluation- overview of diagnosis, medications and overall health status
  • Disease Symptom Evaluation and Intervention 
  • Disease Intervention/Strategic health with intent to minimize medical Pharmaceuticals and Procedures
  •  Health Advisor/Intermediary to assure you are interacting with modern medicine from a position of strength
  • Health Advisor/Intermediary for alternative healers and therapies to assure you are getting the best results safely
  • Myofascial Release- for the relief of muscular and joint pain
  • Routine Skin Screening and Care
  • Works directly with Health Coaches for Stress Management, Fitness & Wellness 
  • Works directly with Health Coaches for Personalized Dietary Counseling & Nutrition Coaching