Dr. Charles Harpe on WLOS Health Alert

Book Cover for Naturvore Power by Dr. Charles C. HarpeDr. Charles Harpe on WLOS Health Alert with Hana Landa

Hana Landa talks about how she lost considerable weight, regained health and is feeling great..even at the age of 80+ years. Dr. Harpe practices Functional Medicine at Harpe Laser and Wellness. He believes that today’s epidemic of chronic disease including diabetes, high lipids, high blood pressure and heart disease is worsened if folks do not address the possible cause of the problem in the first place.  Dr. Harpe and his Proven Nutrition Plan incorporates REAL food, MD assessments, and health coaching that make it easy for you to incorporate this plan into your life.  He can help you get started and get both health and weight loss results.  Here is an interview with Dr.Harpe on WLOS Health Alert highlighting his book Naturvore Power and a testimonial on weight loss and reversing disease.


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