Woman Reading Packet In SupermarketIf you are Wondering Where to Begin? Let a Professional Show You the Ropes!

It is difficult to know where to begin, especially if this is something new for you.  Dr. Harpe has witnessed that people who engage with a health coach achieve their health goals more quickly, easily and rarely give up. Is it possible to learn healthy principles without a health coach? Sure, but you will save time, confusion and money by working with a professional that can show you the ropes. Just like working with a business mentor, or financial adviser, working with a professional can make all the difference in your success.


Dedication,  Email Support, Specific Recommendations, Hands on Learning Experiences, and the Latest Scientific Information to help you Reach Your (and your doctors) Goals.

Together with your health coach you will be armed with the latest and best information on how to get healthy, lose weight and attain your health goals.  Your coach will teach you the way and help you along as you learn new skills.

An Ally to help you implement a Comprehensive and Customized Plan Tailored Just For You.

We are not about giving you a lot of reading material and then sending you on your way.  Your health coach will listen, evaluate, and problem solve with you to create a comprehensive and individualized plan that addresses not only nutrition and fitness but also how your daily life situations such as stress levels, sleep, and social and emotional struggles are affecting your ability to make positive shifts and attain healthier habits. Your specific needs such as gut health, immunity, food sensitivities or nutritional deficiencies are evaluated and incorporated into your plan.

A Professional to help you Sift Through the Latest Fads and Diet Trends and Identify Real and Sustainable Ways to Optimize Your Health.

Our coaches are passionate about health and love what they do.  They live what they believe, and are constantly researching, reading and staying abreast of the latest information regarding health. Our coaches will be able to provide you with great tips on easy to prepare recipes, grocery store finds, food preparation and storage, how to handle restaurants and eating out,  plus much more. They will also point out dangerous or misleading information that may be trending. Your coach will help you keep your health journey exciting, rich and effective!